We support abused and neglected young people, the majority of whom have experienced foster care, in a myriad of ways with the focus of catching those young people who are falling through the cracks of the existing system. Our alliance of non-profits and collaborative outreach in the community has helped us target these core areas:

Scholarships for the University of Colorado, Community Colleges, and Vocational Training Opportunities  – we award scholarships for an undergraduate degree to the University of Colorado in conjunction with the CU Guardian Scholars program and Triumph scholarship Awards that students can use at any accredited institution or vocational training program.  Triumph Awards range from $500-$2,000. After their successful first semester, students can then apply each following semester for the Perseverance Award ($3,000+) to continue on their path of success.

Polaris House – We offer a transitional living program, Polaris House, for young people who have aged out of foster care or are at a transition in life and need some support for getting back on their feet. Polaris House has provided a safe and welcoming home environment to more than 160 young adults over the past 10+ years. The program is an ideal stepping stone to help young adults achieve full self-sufficiency. Learn more here.

RFC Emergency Fund – this is money that can be used for circumstantial situations that are impossible to plan for but happen in everyday life- ex. a car breaks down, a bone is broken, etc. These setbacks are unpredictable and can be the trigger in a downward spiral for the young adults we serve, this is where we can step in and be both a financial and community-centered support system.

Non-profit agency supportwe have 10 local nonprofit affiliates  and we support them by providing their youth life skills and workforce training, college scholarships, emergency funds and housing in times of transition.  We encourage their youth to do well in school and raise awareness of the support and opportunities available in our community.

Realities Rockstars Events – These are events offered to the young people we serve throughout the year, varying from life-skills workshops to carefree fun. We intentionally offer life-skills workshops that young people can attend based on their need and desire to further achieve their personal goals.

Building community awareness – we have a collaborative presence in the Boulder County community and raise awareness for youth from backgrounds of abuse and neglect.  We educate the community on the facts of youth who have experienced foster care and the ways we can step in as business owners and a community to support them effectively and efficiently.  We also educate the community on the importance of strategic sharing of our young adult’s stories and eliminating the stigmas too often placed on youth with backgrounds of abuse and neglect.